Trust-What a Wonderful Word

7 Sep

So, my musings today were reflecting on an upcoming job interview.  My first one ever and it starts in 2 hours….

The weird thing is, I’m not nervous at all.  This would normally be a situation I word start freaking out about weeks in advance, but I nerves feel nothing.

And it’s not that I don’t care.  You see, I kinda need a job, and I would really like to have this one.  Somehow, though, I’m not nervous.

Actually, I can tell you why I’m not nervous.  It’s because I trust God.

Recently, I’ve discovered I need more money, cause I’m getting older.  I freaked out about it for a while.  But then, one Sunday during offering, I said,

“God, You know I need money.  I know You said You will provide.  So I’m going to make an active choice to trust You ad Your plan.  I know You have a plan far better for me than I can ever dream.  So I’m going to trust You.”

Then, my only steady source of income quite on me.  But still I said, “God, I will trust you.”  So I started applying to jobs left and right, saying, “God, I trust you have a plan for my life.”

So a couple of days ago, I got a call for an interview at out local Recreation Centre.  As soon as I got off the phone, I said, “God, thanks for this opportunity.  I will trust Your plan for my life.  You know better.”

That’s why I’m not nervous.  I trust God.  If I get the job, then thanks be to God, He gave me  job.  If I don’t get the job, then He has another plan, a better plan, for my life.  So that’s why I’m not nervous.  God is guiding my footsteps, He knows everything, He wants my good, and He has a plan.

I cannot imagine going through life without trusting God.  People who do have to plan their own lives and rely on themselves to carry those plans out.  To them, it’s their fault if they can’t find a job or fail at something.  To me, it’s part of God’s plan, and He has a very good one for me.

If you trust God, then He will do amazing things in your life and will provide for you.  He wants to bless you, and His plan is better than anything you can make for yourself.  Rely on Him, and watch Him bless you.

I guess I better go.  After all, I have a job interview in an hour and a half!!

One Response to “Trust-What a Wonderful Word”

  1. grandma tractor September 7, 2013 at 5:15 pm #

    thanks, I needed that thought right now too. I am feeling lonesome today. Wish we could talk. Love you.

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