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I Was A Rebel

15 Mar

I was a rebel.  I conspired against the king.  I willfully disobeyed the king.  I mocked the king, I hated the king.  And for that I was punished.  I was locked in an impenetrable cell.  There was no way out.  I was stuck there, locked there. 

The jailor was coming.  He was coming to kill me, to punish me.  The King gave him the right to punish me.  The jailor can come and punish me because I disobeyed the king.  There was absolutely no way out of it.  When the jailor came, he was more than ready and he was eager to strike.

When the jailor came to take that first blow, my savior came in.  The king, who I hated, had sent His own son to save me.  The Prince didn’t come to rescue me; he came to take my place, to fulfill my punishment.  The Prince came, took all the blows meant for me, and died.  The Prince, the son of the King who I despised and rejected, came to die to save me. 

Once he died, I was free.  My chains and shackles came off, and I could live.  This is glorious news.  But guess what?  I was not saved to live in the prison cell.  When the Prince died, the door to the cell opened.  I could leave.  The King had sent His son to die for me to allow me to live.  Not only was I free to live, the King invited me to Him.  Me, a rebel who hated, despised, and disobeyed the King; I am invited into the very room of the King.  The King invited me close to Him, me who tried to kill the King.

Once I got to the King, I was announced as the King’s very own daughter.  The King wanted me to be His.  He loved me and cared for me.  I am not worthy to live in the King’s kingdom!  I hated the King; I was supposed to be punished.  I should not have been saved by the King’s very own son; I should not have been allowed into the kingdom; I should not have been allowed to even see the King again.  Now He invites me to be His child.  He has forgiven me, He loves me, and He wants me.  I am not worthy, but He asks regardless.

Not only does the King adopt me, a rebel, as His child, He has a job for me.  The King, who I scorned, wants me to work for Him.  To carry on the name of the King, even for a short time, that is an honor!!  I once scorned Him, and plotted against Him, but now, I can carry on His name!! 

Not only does He want to me to work for Him, He will reward me for my work.  I am in debt to the King.  The very least I can do is work for Him without any pay; after all, He saved my life, freed me, and adopted me.  How can I take more?

I get to work for the King.  I am willing to die for the King.  He died to save me.  How can I do less but to die for the King?  I owe my life and more to Him!!

My work is to tell of the King to those back in the prison.  I get to represent Him to the entire World!! The work the King has for me is impossible.  I will die on my own.  I cannot do it. But guess what?  I won’t fail.  Not only can I now work for the King, the King will go with me.  He will send me helpers.  I am not worthy to be with the King.  I am not worthy of His help.  But He will come with me.  He will make me succeed.  Through Him, I will further His work.  How can I not accept?

I was in prison, in no situation to be saved.  I deserved what was coming.  The King sent His son to save me, to set me free.  The King called me to Himself, and made me his own daughter.  The King wants me to work for Him, to further His name.  The King wants to go with me, to make me succeed.  I am supposed to be dead, but now I succeed for and with the High King!

You were in a dark prison cell.  The King has offered you all he has offered me.  How can you not accept?  How can you not live for Him and serve Him with all you do?  You are being offered the chance of eternity.  Take it.

That was based on a YouTube video entitled Eric Ludy – The Gospel, produced by Josh Kinabrew.  I watched this video in January, and I was really convicted by the gospel.  Maybe you needed a little reminder of it today.  Just remember all the glorious things Your Father, the High King, did for you.

“Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, … I will know that you stand firm in one spirit, contending as one man for the faith of the gospel”  Philippians 1:27

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